5 Reasons You Should Take Advantage of a Complimentary Engagement Session | Engagement Week – Part 1

Photographers Note: I’m in the middle of peak engagement season and this week on the blog, it’s all about engagement sessions! I’m talking about why you should let me photograph your engagement photos, how you can utilize your engagement photos before and AT the wedding, what to wear for your engagement session and then I’m going to highlight my favorite engagement sessions at the end of the week!

So you’re recently engaged, huh? Congratulations! I’m so excited to see you here, because if you’re here, you must be interested in my work. And I would love to work with you!

At this point, you’re 100% certain that you’re hiring a wedding photographer, but have you considered using the same photographer for your engagement photos? But maybe you already had them taken by another photographer or by a friend of the family? No worries! Most photographers (ourselves included) typically include a complimentary engagement session in some of, if not all of, their wedding day collections!

A complimentary engagement session – that’s awesome, right? So that means when you book a photographer that offers a complimentary engagement session, you can take advantage of a session before your big day without having to pay extra for it! But, what if you don’t want to use this complimentary engagement session? That’s totally okay, in my book!

However, I would really love it if you decided to take advantage of the complimentary session I offer in some of my collections. And here’s why:

1. It’s the perfect chance for us to get to know each other. It’s super important for all three of us to be comfortable with each other on your big day and at the engagement session is when I learn how to best interact with you. It gives me the chance to see which poses you’re the most comfortable in, which poses you truly hate and it gives me the opportunity to learn how to interact with you in the most efficient way. I’ll also get to see how comfortable you are in front of the camera. If you’re the kind of person that isn’t naturally comfortable in front of the camera, engagement sessions are the perfect way for you to get accustomed to it before your wedding day!

2. You get some awesome portraits of you and your special someone before the wedding! I can tell you from personal experience, engagement photos make the perfect wall art AND they’re also great gifts for friends and family. Engagement photos can be used in a number of ways before and at your wedding! You can the photos on your save the dates & invitations, on your wedding website, for Christmas/Holiday cards, ceremony programs and at your reception as decor or as a guestbook! Plus, who doesn’t enjoy having new photos to share on Facebook and Instagram? Just don’t forget to tag with a photo credit! I love referrals and what better way to share the love than to let your friends and family know who took that lovely photo you just shared?

3. This is a great opportunity to schedule some other wedding-day-necessities, such as your hair and make-up trials! If you’re still looking for the perfect make-up or hair stylist for the wedding, schedule a trial for the day of your engagement session with a stylist you’re considering. This is the perfect opportunity to see if your stylist is a good fit for the style you like AND to see if it photographs well. Look at you – killing two (or three) birds with one stone!

4. Engagement sessions are FUN! I want nothing more than to take awesome photos of you AND to have a great time with you guys! I have a friends first mentality and want my clients to enjoy the time we spend together (and to walk away with great photos, of course)! At engagement sessions, you get to dress up, spend time with the one you love and, guess what? You even get to kiss each other every once in a while! And after the session is over, we can all go out for drinks or coffee – on me!

5. If it’s complimentary, it’s free. Why not? When you’re out to eat at a restaurant with friends and one of them offers to pay for your food, would you object? You might at first, but then you would let them pay for it because you know they wouldn’t offer if they didn’t really want to. That’s exactly what a complimentary engagement session is. It’s my chance to spend time with you, to learn more about you as a couple and as individuals and to serve you in every possible way by giving you beautiful photos with your special someone.

Three of the four collections we offer include complimentary engagement sessions! I offer them because I want to photograph your engagement photos. I want to be more than just your wedding photographer! I wouldn’t offer something I didn’t truly want to do and I want to serve my clients in every way possible and I want to do it well.

If you’re interested in learning more about the work I offer or if you would like to discuss your wedding/engagement photography with me, please send an email through the contact form! I can’t wait to hear from you!