4 Years of Engagement Sessions – My Favorites | Engagement Week Part 5

I can’t even believe it. I’ve been photographing engagement sessions for four years! And I just finished my third year of photographing weddings! I finally feel like I’ve found my niche within the photography community and I can’t wait to continue serving my Columbus & Ohio couples!

2012. That was when I was first asked to photograph an engagement session. Paige found my Facebook page (then I photographed by myself as S.Parker Photography) and asked me to photograph her and her fiance’s engagement session. It was the first time I was contacted by someone that I didn’t already know or knew someone who knew them. It freaked my mom out so much that she followed me to the session, hid in her car and waited around until she decided I was safe from being murdered! God, love her …

It was just recently that I found this first engagement session on an old hard drive and remembered how awesome the photos turned out! I hadn’t looked at these pictures in almost three years. No one starts off fantastic at anything. Becoming a professional at a craft requires patience, practice, the ability to learn and educate yourself and some natural talent. Seeing as this session was one of my first ever, I was rightly impressed with myself when I came across this session again last month!

A year after Paige & Robert’s engagement session, I photographed Ashlee & Kyle’s engagement session. I worked with Ashlee at American Eagle and loved her and Kyle and was so excited to photograph their session! Even though their engagement session was a couple of years ago, Kyle & Ashlee’s engagement session is still one of my favorites!

With Ashlee’s retail experience, their outfits were styled so well and complimented each other perfectly! The day I photographed their session was so beautiful – perfect weather, perfect locations.

2015 was an exciting year!  Because my best friend and her long-time boyfriend got engaged this summer! I cannot wait for their Fall 2016 wedding and their engagement session at their house in Delaware was a blast! I can’t wait to help Shy plan out their big day 🙂

Also, in 2015 I became more adventurous with my engagement sessions. Luckily, I had two fantastic couples that LOVE adventure and asked to do something new for them. Ryan & Katrina explored Old Man’s Cave with me in July and Sarah & Luke showed me their favorite places in Columbus – Darby Creek and Prairie Oaks Metro Park.

I’ve put together a small slideshow of our favorite engagement photos I’ve captured over the past four years – I hope you enjoy and cannot wait for more adventure! I put the photos in order of capture date – just for fun to see how far I’ve come 🙂