Fun Friday – Mid-March Update & Clark the Superdog

IT’S FRIDAY – finally! On the way to work on Tuesday, I asked Cody if it was the weekend yet – and I was being 100% serious!!! Let’s just say that this week has been very long and has dragged on and on. But it’s finally over and we can have an awesome weekend!

  1. Today is my last day at my temporary 9-5 contract job at the home office of one of Columbus’ local retail companies. I spent the last five weeks working with the Store Ops team to produce internal marketing for associates and managers to learn the newest edition of the company’s selling model. I really enjoyed my time with the company, but unfortunately, good things do come to an end. On to new things!
  2. My first ever styled shoot is just around the corner and I cannot even describe how excited I am! I’m working on final touches this month so everything will go smoothly at the shoot in April. I am so excited to collaborate with some of the best, most creative individuals in Columbus on this shoot! Make sure to stalk my Instagram account in mid-April to see BTS photos! 🙂
  3. I’m also really excited for my first engagement session of the year on Saturday! I am going to be exploring the Short North/North Market area with a fun couple and I can’t wait to get behind the camera!
  4. Clark is going to be four months old in a couple of weeks and I seriously can NOT get over how quickly he’s grown! He weighs almost 10 pounds!!! (Clark was just a little over a month old when I brought him home, weighing barely three pounds – he was such a little guy!) Honestly, he’s been a little piggy the last couple of weeks so the four pound weight gain shouldn’t be too surprising. And to think that he barely weighed three pounds when I brought him home just a few months ago … I’m getting sentimental just thinking about it!! He now knows sit, lay down, shake and up (he jumps up on his back legs – seriously the cutest thing ever!). I’m working on “stay” and “no” still and the potty training is hit or miss some days. Ah, the life of puppy parenting …

 Clark was just a little over a month old when we brought him home, weighing barely three pounds - he was such a little guy!
 Clark at 4 months