Quit Apologizing for Things You Shouldn’t | Personal Post

This is a thought that’s been really heavy on my mind recently. It’s something I feel extremely passionate about but at the same time, I’m struggling on how to put into words my thoughts. This really all started as I was reading a post written by a photographer in The Rising Tide Society Facebook group. She was contacted by a bride (a referral) and this bride was beyond rude to her – all because the photographer charged more for a wedding than the bride was willing to pay. Dozens of people commented on the post in the group offering sympathies and suggestions on how to respond and over half of the responses includes the word “sorry.”


Speaking as a wedding photographer and a business owner – you should never ever apologize for your pricing. If you come across someone that does not see the value in hiring you for your service, then someone else will. Never feel like you need to apologize for charging your worth.

But, while I stewing over this instance, I couldn’t help but draw connections to the “real world.” People, especially young adult women, seem to apologize for everything! And I’m so tired of it!

Honestly, I can’t sit here and tell you that I’ve never apologized for something I didn’t need to. It’s a second nature for a lot of people out there – including me. But at what point will we stop apologizing for the things we cannot control? When will we stop apologizing for who we are?

Everyone – I at least hope – will eventually hit a point in their life when they realize that they cannot meet everyone’s expectations or approval. And when that day comes, they’ll realize that they can and will continue moving forward without feeling guilty for not needing approval.

Because, guys, let’s just be 100% real here. You are living just one life – yours. It’s time to live it for yourself. Live your own life. Do not seek approval. And absolutely do not apologize for being who you are or for your actions, thoughts, or feelings.

I realize that I may have read too much into this one Facebook status but I just could not go forward without vocalizing this concern. I’ve lived a majority of my life with my head down, always doing the “right thing” because that’s what I thought I had to do. I wasn’t entirely living life for myself. I wasn’t being me. And every time I did act like my true self, I found myself apologizing for it. For stepping out of bounds. For being too blunt or too honest. For caring too much what others thought about me. But I’m telling you now – at 24 years old – I finally feel like I can be 100% myself. That I don’t need to apologize for who I am or for who I’m not. I’m not afraid to be me. And I’m definitely not going to keep apologizing for it.

To summarize the main point of this personal blog – please. Stop apologizing. Do not feel like you have to apologize for the things you cannot control, for who you are, for what you want to do with yourself, your life, or your business.

This may seem kind of like a long drawn out tangent. It may not even seem connected to my original thought and it’s definitely not business/photography related. And honestly, a lot of you may just not care. But I do care and I write for the ones that do care. If you made it this far – thanks for reading. I honestly hope that my words resonated with you and made just a small difference.

All photos are © Steph Parker Photo.