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Tuesday Tips | How to Prep Wedding Day Details

One of the most fun parts of photographing a wedding is getting to document those fun little details. Who doesn’t enjoy flipping through wedding blogs and seeing all of the fun colors that usually come into play with wedding day details? Jewelry, shoes, the dress, perfume and cologne, the rings … the list goes on and on. The details are a crucial part of telling the entire story of your wedding day and help make your wedding day blog and your album come to life! Read on to learn how to put your best foot forward when prepping them for the big day!

1. Put Them in a Box

The best possible thing you could do for your photographer would be to put all of your fun little details in a box and have it ready for them as soon as they get to your bridal suite! Details can be anything from the jewelry you plan to wear to your garter to the perfume you plan on wearing. Don’t forget the shoes!

2. Hang It Up

Buy a nice wood hanger for your dress – you’ll thank me later. It doesn’t even have to be one of those cutesy ones from Etsy! You can buy nice wood hangers at the Container Store, Wal-Mart, and Meijer. *Additional Tip* If you’re wearing a strapless wedding dress, please please please make sure you buy a hanger that has the little nicks in it so we can actually use it!

3. Bring Extras!

You’ve put a lot of effort into your big day and every little detail deserves to be memorialized. Make sure to pack an extra copy of your save the date and invitation suite in your details box! If possible, it’s also an extra bonus if you have any flowers leftover from your decorations or bouquets that I can incorporate into your detail photos.

4. Bouquets in the House

If you are getting ready off-site (meaning not at your ceremony venue), it’s recommended to have your flowers at your bridal suite so they will be accessible for portraits before the ceremony! *Additional tips* Make sure the bouquets of live flowers are kept in water and in a cool space until it’s time for the big event so they don’t wilt before walking down the aisle. Also, bring a towel so the stems can be dried before you walk off and get water all over your dress!

5. Men, This Goes for You!

Yes, men have details too. Skip the box if you want, but things like neckwear, socks & shoes, tie bars, and cufflinks are great items for a groom details shot! Because, let’s be honest. It’s your wedding day, too! 🙂

 Taken as a second shooter for Cait Rose Photography Taken as a second shooter for Cait Rose Photography

Details may not be important to all, but to some the little details mean everything. Whether it’s a love note from your spouse-to-be or your “something borrowed,” the fact that it’s included on your special day gives it special meaning. It’s part of your love story. And that’s exactly why I (and other photographers) want to give our clients the best service we can and memorialize those special details and moments. Just remember – if it’s important to you and you want it photographed, put it in a box!

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