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I’m a photographer that’s got a traveler’s heart and sometimes the great state of Ohio just isn’t cutting it. Sure, the rolling hills and the small town charm has it’s moments, but there’s only so many interesting qualities and locations in Ohio. There are times I wish I lived somewhere else – somewhere more exciting. Somewhere tropical. Somewhere exotic. Maybe even somewhere in the mountains. I have a deep fondness for the PNW and I cannot wait to travel there in the future!

I’ve not had the fortune to do much traveling for weddings and engagements and – OH, how I would love to change that! Give me a reason to travel more, guys! I’ve got a valid passport with plenty of open pages in it, I’m not afraid of flying and I love adventure! Like most photographers, I have a photography bucket list and I recently thought I should put it out there to the universe to see if we could make it happen. So here we go …

1. Pacific Northwest (PNW)

Seattle or Portland – any city would be wonderful! Hiking with an outdoor-loving couple would be the highlight of my trip to the PNW. Exploring the cities, checking out the local coffee shops, experiencing stereotypical PNW weather would even be enjoyable – to an extent! 😉

2. Anywhere in Europe

I have a beautiful dream that one day I’ll have the opportunity to travel around Europe. I’d start in Iceland or Ireland, work my way through England and France, through Spain, into Italy and finish up in the Grecian Islands. Maybe even end the trip in Egypt! Getting to photograph some wonderful couples for an engagement session, an elopement, or even a wedding while I’m there would be the icing on the cake!! I’ve always dreamed of getting to photograph in a lavender field or an Italian winery, on a quaint street in beautiful Paris, or on the cliffs of Moher in wonderfully moody Ireland.

3. New York City

I’m a huge fan of NYC! I’ve actually been there twice in the last year and I’ll take every excuse to go back. It couldn’t get any better than photographing an engagement session or an in-love couple at Central Park or while exploring the quieter side of Manhattan in Soho and the Lower East Village.

4. Caribbean Islands

Who doesn’t love a beautiful beach surrounded by the crystal clear sea? A sunrise session would be perfect in the tropical weather to ensure we don’t sweat to death and we’d have a great time on the beach, by the water! Depending on which island we are on, I’d love to photograph my couples swimming with the pigs, cliff jumping into a gorgeous lagoon, or horse-back riding in the sea.

 Horseback riding in the Caribbean Sea while traveling in Jamaica. Horseback riding in the Caribbean Sea while traveling in Jamaica.

5. Arizona desert

I know, it’s so random! But I follow an amazing husband and wife team on social media and they’re based in Scottsdale and their work is so wonderful! They showcase the desert in ways I never would have imagined it and I hope I get to see it in person one day. My ultimate dream is to attend their workshop and photograph with them! Yes, I’m talking about you, Amy & Jordan Demos! 🙂

6. Latin America

There’s something truly special about Latin America. The natives are so friendly and laid-back. When I was just in high school, I had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica – my first international adventure – and I would love the opportunity to go back! Ticas and Ticos live by a motto, Pura Vida, and it’s so meaningful. Costa Ricans aim to live as pure and simple a life as possible and I really think that’s such an amazing concept! I’d love the chance to share my love for Costa Rica with an adventurous couple! There’s so much to explore here … beaches, rain forests, mountains. Costa Rica has it all.

 Monteverde Rain forest in Costa Rica. Monteverde Rain forest in Costa Rica.

If there’s anyone interested in helping me knockout some places on my to do list, please send me an email through my contact page! Travel outside the state of Ohio is not included in my collections, however, I am soooo willing to custom create a collection for any wonderful couple interested in booking me to photograph their out-of-state or international engagement session, wedding or elopement! Oh, and if you help me knock off an item on my bucket list, I’ll love you forever. I might even buy you donuts or ice cream 😉

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