#stephparkerbrides are … | Columbus Wedding Photographer

I have been so very blessed to work with some amazing brides (and grooms) and I love each and every one of them. I know you might not believe it, but I love every wedding I photograph, every love story I’ve witnessed and every couple that lives it. But as I’m sure you can believe, there are some weddings and couples and brides that just have a special place in my heart. A special place that screams, “Yes!!! I want more brides like this!” or “Yes, please do a first look!” or “I would LOVE to photograph weddings like this every day for the rest of my life.”

This phenomena in the wedding industry is called finding your “ideal client/bride/wedding.” And I will say this again – I love every wedding and couple that I photograph. But sometimes there are opportunities to photograph weddings and couples that are a dream come true.

Steph Parker brides are … creative, witty, sassy, and obsessed with flowers and bold colors. They love adventure and aren’t afraid of a challenge or getting wet or dirty. They are in tune with who they really are and embrace every beauty and flaw. They love expressing their creativity and personalities through fashion and body art. Steph Parker brides have dreamt of the perfect, intimate outdoor wedding and are excited beyond words to see their significant other privately, before the ceremony. They aren’t afraid to be genuine and real, even when they feel nervous about being in front of the camera. Steph Parker brides are flower-crown-wearing, bare-feet-in-the-grass, I-can’t-wait-to-twirl-in-my-dress, fun-loving women.

After writing that out, I can’t help but laugh. Every single bride I’ve photographed fits my “ideals” in some way. This proves that everything happens for a reason and that my brides are the best out there. Go team #stephparkerbride!

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