How to Credit Your Photographer | Tuesday Tips

Tuesday Tips | How to Credit Your Photographer

As we are entering the beginning of the end of wedding season, a lot of newlyweds are going to be receiving their wedding galleries soon! So exciting! Something that a lot of people never take into consideration is crediting their photographer (as well as their other vendors) when sharing images online. It may not seem like a big deal to most, but more often than not, 50% or more of a photographer’s bookings for the year are from referrals or from someone seeing their work on social media.

When it comes to crediting your vendors and photographers for their work, follow these tips and it will you make your wedding vendors really happy!

1. What’s Important to Share?

The most important thing to share when posting a photo online is to state who photographed the image. In most cases, the photo’s description should include Photo by [business name]. In my case, I ask clients to say: Photo by Steph Parker Photo and to actually tag my business page.

Facebook: I realize that Facebook will not allow users to tag business pages when posting on a smart phone, so at the very least, type out the vendor’s business name and then tag the person’s personal account. OR get on a computer to share the photo so you can legitimately tag the vendor’s business page in the photo description.

Instagram & Twitter: When sharing photos on social medias like Instagram and Twitter, make sure to tag the business in the photo’s caption. This is a must! Bonus points to you if you utilize the vendor’s hashtag AND also tag them in the photo! This is an example of what photo credit could look like on Instagram – “We just received our wedding photos from @stephparkerphoto tonight and we just love them! #stephparkerphoto #stephparkerbride”

2. Why You Should Post Photo Credits

When you signed the contract with your photographer, did you read through it? Most photographers include a clause in their contracts that states that they require their clients include a photo credit on social media. Same goes for other wedding professionals sharing images taken by the wedding photographer, too!

Another little known fact is that a wedding photographer still legally owns the copyright of their work. There’s a huge difference between the terms copyright and rights to print. 99% of the time, a photographer is not and will not fork over the copyrights to their photos and IF they do, don’t expect to get those copyrights for free.

3. Other Wedding Vendors: This Includes You!

Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of wedding professionals post images taken by photographers and not credit the photographer appropriately. This is just upsetting. Wedding professionals should be willing to do anything they can to help out another professional and, as small as this may be, that includes giving a photo credit.

Vendors like event planners or florists usually have hundreds, if not thousands of followers and have a larger reach than some of the other vendors. If you share an image of your work photographed by a professional photographer, imagine the number of people that photo will reach. I, for one, always want to know who the photographer is when I see an image that I like on social media. I may want to follow their account or other social medias for more inspiration.

Bottom line: If you are a vendor (not a photographer) and you’re going to share an image taken by a professional photographer, there are a few things that need to happen first. First, you need to ensure that you have their permission to post the photo. Second, you need to give them appropriate photo credit. If you’re unsure of how to give appropriate photo credit, refer back up to tip #1.

The grand point of this blog post is that photographers work really hard to capture beautiful images and EVERYONE that shares those images – including other wedding professionals – need to properly credit the photographer. No ifs ands or buts. 

All photos are © Steph Parker Photo.