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Tuesday Tips | Bridesmaid Style Tips

For a change of pace, I wanted to focus today’s Tuesday Tips topic on those special gals that are going to be standing up next to you at the ceremony. Your bridesmaids are so very important to you and you want them to look and feel their best! And if you’re like me, you’re kind of tired of seeing the same options for bridesmaids, right? The same dresses from David’s Bridal in the same colors. This blog post is going to be a mixture of tips and suggestions – read on for the fun!

1. Mix It Up

Mixing up your styles or colors helps make the bridesmaid dresses more fun! There are many ways that you can achieve this but I’d say the most popular version I’ve seen is to let your maids pick their style of dress from the same dress shop in the same shade and fabric. This technique is easily achieved at shops like David’s Bridal and Alfred Angelo’s.

Mixing up your color palate is another fun way to add some spice to the line up! Whether it be ombre or alternating between colors … the ways are endless! My suggestion is to give each one of your gals a specific color to shop for to ensure that the colors are spaced the way you want them to be!

You can mix it up with varying lengths, but this can be kind of hard to achieve. All in all – there are dozens of ways to achieve your vision! If you ask for it, the dress consultation you work with at the salon will definitely be able to help you find amazing options!

 Taken while second shooting for Cait Rose Photography Taken while second shooting for Cait Rose Photography

2. Going Beyond David’s Bridal

I have nothing against David’s. They sell some great stuff! However, if you’re a bride that wants to go beyond the norm, there are many other unique avenues you can explore for your bridesmaid dresses! Department stores like Macy’s and JC Penny’s have a lot of bridesmaid dress options online – some even sell a few in store! If you want something a bit more unique, visiting a local dress shop will be your best bet.

In Columbus, you can find fun bridesmaid dress alternatives. La Jeune Mariee has a ton of beautiful options as does White of Dublin! If you like the idea of David’s but want something a little different, check out Alfred Angelo’s.

3. The Hands Off Approach

If you are truly a relaxed, laid-back bride who wants pretty much nothing to do with helping your girls find a dress, give them a color swatch of what to look for and let them go wild! I’ve seen some beautiful dresses when the bride steps back and lets her girls show off their own unique style. Just try to give them a little bit of direction in what they should generally be looking for: color, dress length, and potentially a fabric choice.

4. Shoes – Because Shoes

Unless you’re going for a very free-spirit, barefoot wedding, your girls are going to need to find some cute shoes, right? Unless you have a very specific pair of shoes you want your girls to wear, let them pick them on their own! Give them the specifics if you need (heel vs no heel and color scheme) and let them be merry!

The only suggestion I have here is to make sure each girl buys the same color. I’ve been to a couple of weddings where each maid bought a black pair of heels but one of them bought a pair that had a brown cork heel (like a wedge sandal) and it just looked off.

But really, the easiest solution to this is to just go barefoot, right? 😉

 Taken while second shooting for Abigail Reeder Photography Taken while second shooting for Abigail Reeder Photography

5. Why Not Rent?

One last option I want to throw out there is renting. Because why not? Weddings are freaking expensive and why not save a little cash where you can? Speaking as a recent bridesmaid, there’s a LOT of things bridesmaids have to pay for: their dress and shoes, hair and sometimes makeup, wedding gifts, hotels and drinks at the bachelorette party … the list can get pretty long. I know your girls would be so appreciative to be able to rent a dress they’ll never wear again instead of buying one that’s going to sit in their closet forever. 

Websites to check out for bridesmaid dress rentals are: renttherunway.comvowtobechic.com, and weddingtonway.com/rentals

All in all – your girls are going to be there for you and will be supportive of whatever you choose for your bridesmaid fashion!

Check back next week for unique options for groomsmen attire!

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