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Tuesday Tips | Alternatives to the Tuxedo

Okay guys, I think we can all agree that there is nothing more attractive than a well-dressed man. I mean, really. Try to prove me wrong – I dare you.

It may sometimes hit the back burner, but your man’s wedding day attire is equally important! But, the whole concept of a man’s wedding day attire can sometimes be really daunting. There are hundreds of options for wedding gowns but not nearly as many well-known options for the guys. I should also mention that this is coming from someone who worked in the rentals department at Men’s Wearhouse for six months …

This post is to help give you suggestions on alternatives to the very traditional and well-practiced tuxedo rental! You’d be surprised, but there are quite a few options in the men’s fashion world! Beyond the tuxedo rental, grooms and groomsmen have a lot of alternatives to consider.

When narrowing down your options, keep these few things in mind:

 Taken while second shooting for Cait Rose Photography Taken while second shooting for Cait Rose Photography

1. Go Beyond Black

A black tuxedo is a major classic that there is absolutely nothing wrong with. However, with weddings becoming less and less traditional, a black tuxedo may not fit your vision. Tuxes, suits, and suit separates come in a variety of colors including navy, numerous shades of gray, tan, brown, even red!

Color can play a key part in your day! A black tux or suit will be too dark for a morning church wedding, but a medium to light colored grey would be perfect. Grey or navy options are ideal for outdoor weddings and neutral tans and browns can work at outdoor beach and country themed weddings. If your guy has a very loud, outgoing personality or has the ability to pull off truly unique fashion, consider a red velvet suit!

 Taken while second shooting for Abigail Reeder Photography Taken while second shooting for Abigail Reeder Photography

2. Purchase vs Renting

Depending on what you envision for your big day, you should definitely consider purchase option vs renting. Definitely take into consideration the budget your groomsmen might want to stick to first, but sometimes it just makes more sense to purchase! If you rent from Men’s Wearhouse, you could be looking at over $200 per groomsmen!

If you’re truly looking for that traditional tuxedo look, renting really does make the most sense as most men would never wear a tuxedo outside of a wedding party! While it is possible to rent a suit option at most shops, if there are men in your bridal party that would wear the suit again after the wedding, it might be a good idea to give them a purchase option!

If you’re doing something a bit more untraditional and off the beaten path, purchasing definitely makes the most sense! If your men are going to wear dress pants and a dress shirt only, maybe even with a vest, it’ll save them a ton of money to purchase.

3. Renting Alternatives

If you’re looking for something just a bit more unique and outside the box, consider an online rental company. Here are a few options:, and

4. Purchasing Options

There are quite a few places where you could purchase suits or suit separates for a wedding party. Here are just a handful of places you should consider: Macy’s, Jos A Banks,, H&M, and Express. Don’t be afraid to do a Google search for local suit shops! Shopping local is always one of my favorite options! 🙂

When planning men’s attire for your wedding, don’t forget to consider the little details! Things like suspenders, belts, patterned socks, pocket squares, neckwear, and shoes should be thought out and coordinated in advance with your decided suit/tux option. Here are few tips regarding the final details:

  1. NEVER wear a belt with suspenders. Suspenders are designed to replace a belt so it’s actually pretty redundant to wear both at the same time.
  2. Wear brown shoes with navy always and don’t be shy to pair brown shoes with gray for outdoor weddings! Regardless, make sure each groomsmen wears the same color of shoes and that shades are matched as closely as possible.
  3. Pocket squares are a nice touch but they’re not always necessary if he’s going to wear a boutonnière.
  4. Experiment with color and patterns with your neckwear and dress shirts. And please don’t feel like your groomsmen have to wear a blue dress shirt if the bridesmaids are wearing blue dresses. In that instance, instead of a solid blue, experiment with a blue patterned shirt.
  5. If the men in your wedding are going to wear ties and not wear a vest or suit jacket, they should ideally wear a tie bar. They make excellent wedding gifts!

A great place to look for inspiration beyond the traditional tuxedo is on Pinterest! Check out my Pin board dedicated to men’s wedding fashion here.

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