Season of Second Shooting | Fun Friday

As some of you may have realized, 2016 has been a MAJOR year of changes in terms of my business (and personally, but that’s another story)! I rebranded my business and I began second shooting for the first time in my career as a wedding photographer.

Oddly, I kind of went about the whole “wedding photographer” thing backwards. Typically, photographers mentor and second shoot with established wedding photographers before branching out on their own and taking weddings as a primary shooter and that’s just not how it started for me. I had been photographing portraits on my own for a couple of years – I had no mentor or training on how to run a business, mind you – when a friend referred a coworker to me for wedding photography. I decided, “Why not?” So I did it. I pulled some random figure out of my head for cost, researched, and somehow managed to figure out what I was doing. I must have done something right, because here I am, three years later and loving being a wedding photographer!

I never had any interest in being a second shooter after that. I absolutely LOVE running my own business and photographing my own weddings as a primary shooter! And I’m really good at it. For those of you that understand personality types, I’m an ENTJ. That means I’m bossy and I know exactly how to execute my creative visions and that’s what makes me a fantastic wedding photographer! But here is where the backwards part comes in.

I felt like something was missing from my experience as a wedding photographer. I never had the experience of being a second shooter and I never even had the experience of training one. Cody has been my second shooter since day one and once we developed our system, that was it. No training necessary! When Cody announced earlier this year that he wanted to do less second shooting, I knew that I needed to figure this second shooter thing out.

So I began volunteering with other photographers in my networking group and I’m so thankful for every experience. I had the opportunity to photograph beautiful weddings that included details and moments I haven’t experienced in my own business yet. In the last few months, I’ve photographed numerous outdoor ceremonies (my fav!), a same sex wedding, and a handful of beautiful moments and people. Oh, and gold is now my favorite color for bridesmaid dresses. I mean, come on!

I cannot thank the following individuals enough for giving me the opportunity to start second shooting: Caitlin of Cait Rose Photographer, Amy of Amy Ann Photography, Abi of Abigail Reeder Designs, and Alyana of Alyana Parker Photography.

Below are some of my favorite images during my summer of second shooting. I can’t wait to see what second shooting opportunities are in store for me in 2017!

All photos are © Steph Parker Photo.