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Good photography is an investment. You’re not only paying someone money to document moments of your life, you’re also trusting them to do it successfully. Sometimes there are fantastic photographers that are just starting out and not charging their worth quite yet. Sometimes good photographers don’t charge very much because they feel like they don’t need to. But I sincerely wish that people would stop viewing photography as something that should be done cheaply.

Do you buy Starbucks coffee? Do you wear Sperry’s or Converse or UGGs? Where do you buy your clothes? How often do you eat out instead of cooking dinner at home? All of these things are extras – luxuries even. They’re not necessities, but they’re enjoyable. They’re things you spurge on because you want to treat yourself to something nice. I do all of these things, too! Trust me, I love eating dinner out and don’t get me started on Converse shoes and clothes! But I really wish the majority of people thought of photography in the same way.

More likely than not, you don’t need photos taken multiple times a year. People book photo sessions to document the milestones of life – anniversaries, motherhood, baby’s first photos, engagements, and your wedding day. These are special moments that don’t always repeat themselves. You’ll never get those moments back. If you’re paying someone to document those moments for you, I sincerely hope you’re paying someone that you can trust to do the job well.

Because good photography shouldn’t be cheap (in my opinion). There is a lot of debate on this and as I mentioned before, there are cases that prove my statement wrong. However, there are people that have spent money to make themselves better photographers. On top of that, their experience makes their time and skills valuable.

Topics like this are really hard to talk about. It’s so debatable that I often don’t want to even start the conversation. Because, honestly, people value different things in life. And that’s so obviously normal! There are tons of people out there that love makeup and buy good quality, expensive products because it’s important to them. But I’m just fine buying the generic drugstore brands because I don’t value makeup the same way others do. Like how some people are just fine paying a low budget photographer to take their photos once a year, that’s not what I would personally do.

The point of this post today isn’t to stir a debate and it’s definitely not meant to cause drama or to hurt feelings. It’s meant to inspire internal conversations within others – to make you question just how important the value of photography is to you.

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