2017 Goals | Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday | 2017 Goals

Blogging my business goals for the new year has become somewhat of a tradition for me. There’s something about making public your goals that make actually accomplishing your goals just a bit more important. I can’t say that I always accomplish my goals – what would life be without some setback or even failure? And I also can’t say that I’ve never had any setbacks. I certainly can’t say I haven’t failed at anything before. But all that means is that I work just that much harder. That I push myself more.

So far, it seems as if 2017 will be a great year for Steph Parker Photo and hopefully in my personal life, too! That’s really all I can ask for at this point and I sincerely doubt I can do worse than some of the personal setbacks I’ve overcome this year. As of right now, I have four weddings booked for next fall, with a few more possible clients that I’ll be meeting in the New Year. AND I’m also close to booking my first wedding for 2018!

Enough rambling – time for goals:

  1. Photograph at 15 weddings this year (whether they be my own or as a second shooter)
  2. Provide my brides and grooms with a kick ass experience!
  3. Plan a second styled shoot
  4. Continue booking clients for 2017 AND 2018!
  5. Learn OCF (off camera flash)
  6. Photograph a destination wedding (come on, guys! Think PNW or warm, sunny beaches!)
  7. Get published (my dream blog is Green Wedding Shoes!)
  8. Reach more fans on social media
  9. Photograph at The Wells Barn (because it’s new and beautiful and I love FPC!)
  10. Further my retouching skills even more to provide a unique experience to my clients

In the spirit of keeping things somewhat personal, I will share just a small number of my personal goals:

  1. Find my dream job. I know it’s out there somewhere. And if I can’t find it, it’s time to take this gig FULL TIME!
  2. Buy a house and make it 100% mine!
  3. Adopt a sister for Clark
  4. Become a better me. 2016 brought a lot of hardship personally and while I’m doing much better, I really just need to find out who I really am again. I want to be healthier and stronger – mentally, emotionally, and physically.
  5. Write more chapters for my book.

Now, that I’ve shared my goals, I’m counting on you all to hold me accountable 🙂 If you’e got tips that will help me achieve my goals, I’d love to hear them! I’d also love to hear about your goals and if I’m able to, I’d love to help you achieve your goals, as well!

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year’s!

All photos are © Steph Parker Photo.