Engagement Week 2017, Day 2: You’re Engaged! Now What?!

2017 Engagement Week: What to Do After He Proposes

If you’re reading this post you’ve either just gotten engaged OR you’re following along with the second ever Engagement Week on my blog! If the reason is the first option, CONGRATS! If it’s the second option, thanks for following along!

I know this is said over and over and over, but – getting engaged is incredibly exciting! But it can also be a bit intimidating and scary. There’s a lot that is involved with being engaged and wedding planning and quite often, people don’t know where to start! I’ve written on this subject before. If you want to check it out, click here.

Know what’s even more intimidating? Figuring out what to do first right after saying “yes!” Read on for what to do next!

1. Celebrate!

First and foremost – ENJOY BEING ENGAGED! Grab a drink and say a toast! Hug and kiss each other. Laugh, cry, jump up and down – do what you gotta do to celebrate!

2. Call Your Loved Ones

Parents, grandparents, your best friends, anyone that you talk to on a daily or even a weekly basis – call or text them and let them know about your exciting news! You should definitely let these important people know before you share the news on social media to avoid any hurt feelings.

3. Snap a Pic and Share Away!

Now that all of the important people know about your engagement, take a bomb ass ring pic and share away! Make sure your photo is focused well so everyone can see how beautiful your ring is! As a photographer, I’m all about in-focus ring pics! 😉

4. Figure Out Your Game Plan

Do you and your fiance want a wedding or do you want to elope? NO choice is wrong here!

5. Start Planning

Once you’ve decided on a wedding or an elopement, start planning! I’ve written tons of posts that will definitely help give you a jump start on your wedding planning! – check it out here.

6. Enjoy Being Engaged

Trust me, it’ll take you a little while to get used to saying, “my fiance!” And have a blast planning your wedding day!

Make sure to check back tomorrow for a list of general tips about engagement sessions as we continue on with the 2017 Steph Parker Photo Engagement Week!

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