Engagement Week 2017, Day 3: Quick Tips to Plan Your Engagement Session

2017 Engagement Week: How to Plan Your Engagement Session

It’s day three of the 2017 Engagement Week series – so exciting! If you missed the first two posts, check them out!.

Now that we’ve covered the proposal and what to do after getting engaged, it’s time to talk about engagement sessions in general. Once you’ve picked your engagement and wedding photographer, it’s time to figure out the when and where of your engagement session! Read on to learn more:

1. The Photographer

I know that a ton of recently engaged couples get really excited about getting engaged and almost immediately book a photographer for engagement photos. While there’s nothing wrong about this, take into consideration that a majority of wedding photographers include engagement sessions into their wedding packages. It’ll actually be cheaper to work with the same photographer for both the engagement session and your wedding! AND – most importantly – you’ll get to work with your wedding photographer in advance of your wedding so you’ll be more comfortable on your day and won’t be spending your entire day with someone you just met!

2. What’s Important to You?

Do you and your fiance have a hobby or a favorite activity? You should definitely include it during your engagement session. Did you meet at a coffee shop? Take photos at a coffee shop during your session! Did your fiance propose in a really meaningful spot? Let’s go there for your engagement session, too, if you really loved it!

3. What to Wear

Every photographer will say something slightly different about what clothes you should wear, but I think we’re all on the same page when we say – be yourself! It’s really special to dress up for a few of your engagement photos, but if you’re not a tuxedo kind of guy or a long formal dress kind of girl, don’t wear them! You can still be dressed up in dress pants and a button down with a vest and a cute sundress.

For my engagement sessions, I always recommend at least two outfits. Depending on the location and time of day, we’ll probably start with a casual outfit (jeans and sweaters or nice shirts) and then move into a dressier outfit for sunset photos. If there’s something really special to you – salsa dancing, comic cons, anything! – and it requires a special outfit, bring it with you and we can incorporate it into your engagement session!

4. When is Your Session?

Lastly, picking a date for your engagement session can be a big decision to make and it will definitely impact the decisions you make for the second and third tips. The time of year you pick not only affects the weather, it also affects the time of day we’ll need to meet for the shoot due to how early or how late sunset and golden hour is. There is no wrong choice for picking a season for your engagement session. Just keep in mind when you’re getting married and when you’re sending save the dates. If you choose to use your engagement photos for your save the dates, you’ll want to have your engagement session at least six months in advance of your wedding.

Tomorrow’s post is going to be a fun one! If you’re not very traditional and want to do something unique and different for your shoot, check back tomorrow for fun, quirky alternatives for your engagement location!

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