Engagement Week 2017, Day 4: Fun, Quirky Location Ideas for Your Engagement Session

2017 Engagement Week: Unique Locations for Engagement Sessions

Day four of 2017 Engagement Week is going to be a fun one, you guys! If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m a pretty quirky lady with very eclectic taste. I love cooking and reading and watching Netflix with my dog, but I also really love comic book movies and watching Naruto, and I may or may not have an odd sense of humor. I may be a pretty big nerd but because of that, I really love stepping outside the box in everyday life AND for my clients’ portrait sessions!

One of my favorite engagement sessions last year, we started off at a coffee shop and then went to Jeni’s for ice cream! It was so much fun and … wait for it … REAL! These locations meant something to this couple. They met at the coffee shop we photographed at and eating Jeni’s is one of the favorite cheat day meals.

I’m a huge advocator of unique locations and meaningful moments and feelings. I could take all of my clients to the same two or three parks and call it a day, but guess what? That would be incredibly boring! AND why would it be worth it if the location had zero meaning to my client?

The options are literally endless. If you have an idea for a location, don’t hold it back! Below I’m going to list just a few of my favorite locations for a fun, unique experience at your engagement session:

  • Coffee Shop (The Roosevelt, One Line Coffee, Fox in the Snow Cafe)
  • Arcade (16 Bit)
  • In Your Home (in-home sessions are so fun and intimate! – or you can rent an AirBnB for other options that better reflect your vision)
  • Festival or Fair (Ohio State Fair or any other local festivals)
  • Ice Skating Rink (Downtown Columbus by Nationwide usually has one during the holidays or The Chiller)
  • Hiking, Rock Climbing or some other Outdoorsy Adventure – it’s Ohio after all, but it’s not entirely flat!

The biggest reason I’m a supporter of a unique location is because I want each couple’s experience to be unique and special. Getting married is an exciting time of life and your engagement session deserves to have just as much excitement! My favorite engagement sessions are those where we go somewhere we haven’t been before or where we can go off the beaten path. When we go on an adventure together and experience something new. That to me is a successful engagement session.

I would love to hear your ideas for a unique or quirky location for engagement sessions – leave your ideas in a comment below! Also, please check back tomorrow for the last post of the 2017 Engagement Week series where I’ll be sharing my favorite ring shots from 2016!

All photos are © Steph Parker Photo.