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Tuesday Tips | Reasons to Rock a First Look

Finally, brides and grooms across the world are starting to break away from outdated traditions! I recently read a really great point about sticking to wedding traditions because they’re traditions! Well, considering arranged marriages used to be traditional and we don’t do that anymore, why are we still carrying on with these other outdated traditions? As time moves on, more and more traditions are being cast off and are not considered “trendy” anymore. But why are there still so many people apprehensive about seeing their fiance before the ceremony?

Quite honestly, it makes more sense to do a first look than not to do one. Often enough, there’s not enough time built into wedding days (due to ceremony and reception timing and location) and you just don’t have very much time for couple portraits. If having those special portraits captured is important to you, please consider first look! It’s always easier to start your day earlier and have too much free time than to not have enough time to capture moments you wanted initially.

If you’re still anti-first look – even after all of the posts I’ve written about them – why not consider these alternatives?

1. With a family member

Father, mother, sisters, brothers, grandparents – I’ve seen it all! These moments are so special and seeing as these people are incredibly special to you, why not dedicate a few minutes to them? I’ve seen fathers and grandfathers in tears from seeing their little girl in a wedding dress – I cry with them every time!

2. With your bridesmaids

Now, these are so much fun! Of course, you’re spending the morning getting ready with your girls, but who says they can’t have their own special first look with you? Ask mom or a close family member to help you get dressed – just make sure your maids are in a different room! When you’re all ready, veil and all, ask the girls back into the room and let the joy and laughter ensue! Trust me, your girls will love this idea!

3. With yourself

This one isn’t as common – in fact, I’ve never photographed one myself – but why not do a first look with yourself? Yes. What I’m saying is, avoid any mirrors until after you’re completely ready! What better way to start your wedding day than by seeing yourself go from one extreme to the other? From sleepy in your pjs to glammed out in your wedding dress! If you’re nervous about this, you shouldn’t be! Since you’ve probably already done a trial run with your hair and make up artists, put your faith in them to make you look amazing for your day and do something special for yourself. This is one confidence boost no one else can give you. Remember, self-confidence is beautiful.

And yes, I really have to …

4. With your significant other

I sincerely promise you – you will not regret seeing your fiancé prior to the ceremony! These moments are special. They are unique and intimate and romantic and ALL of those things you want to feel on your wedding day. It doesn’t have to be a big production – just you, the love of your life, and a few minutes together before you get married.

If you’re still on the fence about a first look with your fiancé, please consider reading some of the other posts I’ve written about them!

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