Engagement Season is “Officially” Over | Fun Friday

Wood ring box on snowy wedding day

Valentine’s Day was on Tuesday which means engagement season is officially over until fall! A majority of engaged or married couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day and it’s been so much fun to see all of my Facebook friends showing off their new rings! Congrats!

If you got engaged during this year’s engagement season, I want to hear all about it! I always love hearing proposal stores – love photographing them even more! – but I really enjoy getting to hear the why behind getting engaged during a certain time of year. Was it around the time you first met or went on your first date? Was it on your anniversary? Or did it have special meaning because of the holidays or family?

For those of you that got engaged over the holidays, I’m sure you’re just beginning to plan your wedding day. If you’re still looking for a photographer, I’m currently running a special booking promotion for those that book before the end of the month in honor of my birthday! Also, make sure to check out my Tuesday Tips series for fun wedding planning tips.

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