Fun Friday | BTS Images from the Industrial Romance Styled Shoot

Guys, guess what?! It’s Friday – and not only is today Friday, it’s also my FIRST Fun Friday post since my hiatus! Fun Friday posts are some of my favorite because pretty much nothing is off limits and it’s always FUN!

There’s no better way to restart my Fun Friday series than by sharing some behind the scenes (BTS) images from the styled shoot I planned and photographed last month! AND this is your official first peek at the Industrial Romance Styled Shoot! Just in case you didn’t know, I photographed a same sex couple for this shoot. YES, you may not have known but I am a believer in Love is Love and I will always be down for photographing same sex couples!

I worked with some amazing ladies to make this shoot possible and next week when I post some of my favorite images, I’ll go into more detail about who was involved. Until then, HUGE thanks to Dalay (and Dalay’s assistant, Sean) , Shannon, Natalie, Meleka, Hannah, Erin, Kendall, Kristin, and Claire!

Enjoy & tune in next week for the blog post with all of my favorite images from this shoot!

All photos are © Steph Parker Photo.