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Tuesday Tips | Dessert Alternatives for Your Wedding Day

If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m all about breaking tradition and personalizing weddings to fit the couple’s personalities! It’s definitely been a trend on my blog at least. But today, I’m going to skip my typical “be different and unique to you” speech and just jump right into today’s Tuesday Tip topic – desserts! Yum 🙂

Traditionally, cake is served at weddings and lemme just say – there is absolutely nothing wrong with cake. In fact, I LOVE CAKE! This body was made on cake. And tacos … lots and lots of tacos. But, there are some freaky people out there that just really despise cake. I know, weird. Regardless of their tastes – why should people who hate cake feel forced into serving it at their wedding? If you’re one of those people that hates cake and wants to do something different for their wedding day dessert, keep reading. And if you like cake, you should keep reading, too.

1. Doughnuts

Because doughnuts. Do you need an excuse to serve your wedding guests doughnuts? The answer is always no. There are tons of varieties when it comes to doughnuts: doughnut holes, cake doughnuts, glazed doughnuts, just to name a few! Best thing about doughnuts? The variety of flavors! I’ve also seen some amazing displays for doughnut tables – even a WALL of doughnuts. Need I say more?

2. Pie

I’ve learned that in life, a person either really loves cake or really loves pie. As mentioned earlier, I’m a cake person. Pie? Not so much. However, for the people out there that just love pie, here’s your wedding cake alternative! I’ve noticed that when pie is served at weddings, it’s really fun! People can get really creative with the table display and the numbers and varieties of pie. Apple, peach, pecan, chocolate, lemon meringue – so many options! I really love seeing smaller, mini pies and other size options on the table, definitely visually appealing!

3. Candy

I realize that candy doesn’t necessarily qualify as a dessert, but it’s definitely a fun option to provide your guests with. Set up a build-your-own candy bar with a variety of sweets and cute to-go bags so your guests can pick and choose their favorites!

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4. Cupcakes

Yes, I realize. It’s still cake. However, it’s the fun MINI-sized version of cake. It instantly makes it way more fun than cake! Best part? Cupcakes are portable which means you can convince your wedding guests to take some for the ride home or for breakfast and snacks the next day!

You know what makes this even better? The fact that you can do some of the ideas above and still serve cake! If you want to keep the tradition of cutting into your cake and lovingly smashing – I mean feeding – each other that delicious bite, while not paying for tons of cake that will potentially go uneaten, order a smaller cake for the two of you and serve everyone else a dessert alternative!

Are you opting out of cake at your wedding reception? If so, I want to know what you’re serving instead – leave a comment below!

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