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Tuesday Tips | Wedding Day Tips for Grooms

I realize that I talk way more often about brides and bridal prep than I do about grooms and how their role plays into the wedding day. Today, I’m making things right and dedicating an entire blog about grooms and the special things they should do on their wedding day to ensure everything goes off without a hitch 🙂

1. Carry the train of your bride’s dress – most often a bride wears a gown that has a train and one of the first things I tell my grooms is that carrying the train of her dress is their first job as being her husband! Most brides are very cautious about getting the bottom of their dresses dirty – at least until the reception – and once the ceremony passes, some bridesmaids just get distracted and forget about assisting the bride. Instead, grooms – help out your lady and keep her dress off the ground and dirt free! Plus, it’ll make for great, intimate photos of the two of you walking together!

2. The groomsmen are your responsibility and so is making sure they know when and where to be! If one or two of your friends are notoriously late, tell them where to be, but an hour or two early. Keeping on top of the day by staying on time with the timeline is important, but most weddings do end up veering off schedule. This is fine and normal. But do your part by ensuring your guys are informed on the when and where to get the day started on a positive note!

3. Being prepared and on time as the groom is important! Do you know how many weddings I’ve been to where the groom or groomsmen left an important item at home and had to run out and buy it just an hour or two before the ceremony?! One wedding I was part of, a groomsmen forgot to pick up his tux from the department store! He showed up at the ceremony just barely in time for the wedding to start! Make sure you pack up everything the night or a few days before the wedding to ensure you have everything you need. And as sad as it is, call all of your groomsmen and harass them to make sure they’ve picked up their tuxes/suits/shoes/accessories!

4. When you book an event venue that is not all-inclusive and some of the setup has to be done by the wedding party on the day of the wedding, it usually falls on the groom, his friends, and his family to make sure it gets done. If that’s the case with your wedding, this should be the first thing you do on your wedding day. Run any and all errands the days before or the morning of your wedding to ensure you’re on time and ready.

5. More often than not, your new spouse put in a ton of effort to look amazing on your wedding day. It should be a given, but make sure to tell them how amazing they look!

6. Don’t get drunk. It’s that simple. This goes for all brides and grooms! Drinking at a wedding is inevitable – nothing wrong with it at all! But please be smart and do not get drunk before the ceremony or at the reception! During my first year as a wedding photographer, I witnessed a groom get so drunk, he slept through a majority of the reception! He left his bride alone at their wedding to celebrate without him because he didn’t think about his actions first. I’ll say this again – there’s nothing wrong with drinking at your wedding! Just think about what your priorities are before going overboard – spending time with your new spouse at your wedding celebration or drinking to get drunk and not remembering or even experiencing portions of your wedding day?

7. I hope this goes without saying, but I sincerely hope that every groom enjoys his wedding day! I realize that a majority of weddings are focused mostly on the bride, but make yourself feel included in the big day. Have fun with your friends and family. Dance with and love on your new spouse. If the cards are played right, you’ll only get married once. I sincerely hope you get to enjoy it 🙂

PS: Here’s a styling tip for grooms and groomsmen that I will never hesitate to tell you – NEVER wear suspenders with a belt. It’s redundant, so pick one or the other. In men’s fashion, wearing a belt and suspenders at the same time is like a double negative. They do the same job (stylishly holds up your pants) so you really don’t need both 🙂

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