Woodsy Bohemian Editorial Fashion Shoot at Hoover Dam

Every once in a while, I’m given the opportunity to step out of my “typical” work flow and photograph something other than a wedding or couple’s engagement session. When Emily, a local make up artist, approached me about photographing a fashion shoot for her, I absolutely said YES!

You see, as a photographer, I absolutely love being challenged and I’ll take almost every opportunity to show off my posing skills. One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is leading my models or couples into natural-looking poses. Being able to be creative in that way is exhilarating! A few times throughout the shoot, I overheard the girls mention my posing and how they weren’t used to it (they regularly model for Emily!) and I couldn’t help but be excited to hear that! Photographers that actually pose their clients are starting to get such a bad rep in the wedding and portrait industry and it makes me so angry! There is absolutely nothing wrong with posing your couples! And if you don’t like how poses look in your photos, you’re not doing it right. That’s the honest truth. The BIGGEST step I took to improve my posing technique was purchasing this book: Picture Perfect Posing. If you want to make your photography stand out against what everyone else is doing, do yourself a favor and buy it.

One of the other things about this shoot that was exciting for me was that the hair and makeup team worked inside my apartment! I very rarely invite anyone over to my home and it was so awesome being able to welcome new friends into my (freshly cleaned) apartment! And of course, Clark had a blast meeting these new friends! There’s a photo below of him hamming it up for the me as I took behind the scenes photos of Shannon and Emily doing work.

Huge thanks to the following people for collaborating on this shoot:
Boutique: Vernacular
Location: Hoover Dam
Make-Up & Shoot Coordinator: Emily A MUA
Hair Stylist: Shannon Goode Hair
Floral Crowns: Florish
Models: Megan, Krista, & Marissa

All photos are © Steph Parker Photo.