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Tuesday Tips | Quick Wedding How-To's

Throughout a wedding day, I often see couples pausing mid-event and turning to me with questions. How do we do this? Where should my hands go? What happens next? All of these are legitimate questions! I would never expect anyone to know where to hold their bouquet while walking down the aisle unless they’ve been a bridesmaid before. Today’s post is all about giving super quick how-to tips that will help wedding day couples and their bridal party answer some of the questions they might encounter during a wedding day.

1. How to Cut a Wedding Cake

This is the #1 most asked question I get asked at weddings. I swear, 90% of my couples aren’t sure what to do when it’s time for them to cut the cake!

I advise my couples to stand side-by-side, directly behind or to one side of the cake (depending on background). While each of you has one hand on the cake knife (one hand on top of the other), you make small cuts into the bottom layer of your cake. You don’t need to cut a big slice, just enough to split in two 🙂 I always suggest cutting the bottom layer since most couples plan to save the top layer for their first anniversary. If you cut into the top layer and plan on saving it, the cake will most likely dry out and be hard to eat a year later.

2. How to Hold Your Bouquet

Bouquets should be held no higher than your belly button. With recent trends, bouquets are getting larger and larger – we don’t want you to block your face because you’re holding the bouquet too high! Holding it level with your belly button will ensure you look natural holding and walking up the aisle with the bouquet. Also, don’t press the flowers against your body! Hold them just slightly away from you so you don’t smoosh the flowers.

3. How to Bustle the Bride’s Dress

I’ve photographed dozens of weddings and unfortunately, there are quite a few ways to bustle a dress! I seriously had no idea that there were so many bustle styles!

Most commonly, I’ve seen trains that have small buttons and loops. Match up the center button first and match up the rest of the loops with their buttons! My favorite style that I’ve seen were ties underneath the skirt of the dress. With this style, under the skirt of the wedding dress, there are little pieces of ribbon positioned closely together. Tie up all of the ribbons and you’re done! I think this style is the easiest to bustle! The safest route is to take your maid of honor or a bridesmaid with you to your final dress fitting so the seamstress can show them how to bustle your dress!

Can you think of anything that I’ve missed here? I know that there will constantly be questions popping up throughout the day and I want to make sure that I can answer as many of them for you as possible! Let me know what your question is by commenting on this post below.

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