Dalay Ket Event Design – Ohio’s Boutique Florist & Event Designer | Featured Monday

It’s time for another Featured Monday! I’ve been waiting to share this one for quite sometime now, especially because this lady has become such a good friend! Just like a lot of my friend/vendors, I met Dalay through the Rising Tide Society and she has become one of my go-to girls.

Dalay is fierce, determined, creative, and has a ‘don’t-bullshit-me’ attitude that I truly love her for. But not only that, she is also incredibly passionate and driven to provide her clients with the very best. If and when a client comes to her with a challenge, she takes the bull by the horns and goes above and beyond to provide for them. She truly makes dreams come true.

When I approached her about collaborating with me on the Industrial Romance Styled Shoot, not only did she say yes, she also made one of MY dreams come true! I described my vision of a backdrop for the ceremony scene and she just got it. She understood what I was seeing and actually already had a similar idea in mind for a project down the road. So what does she do? SHE HAS IT BUILT! And it was amazing. That’s Dalay, guys.

I can’t say enough good things. What I will end with is this – if having an event designer for your wedding or event is important to you, call Dalay.

This is how to contact Dalay Ket Event Design:
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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