Best of 2017: Weddings

Best of 2017: Weddings

This is one of the best, and hardest, posts I’ve ever shared. I realize that’s kind of a weird thing to say, but it took almost every ounce of willpower I had to narrow it down to these “few” photos! I even deleted photos after uploading them, because they weren’t the best of the best.

Do you ever have those moments where you get so complacent in life that you just start to coast? That you’re just doing “good enough” and that’s enough to get by and it’s comfortable? That’s how preparing this blog post felt. I started off strong, only prepping a small handful of images, because I KNEW they were some of my best work. Then I looked through more weddings and the time spent on this post started to add up in my head and I thought, “I’ve already spent way too much time on this one!” I need to wrap it up. And that’s when I start getting sloppy – I KNOW this about myself. And it’s SO hard to correct. But I’m working on it.

And now, here we are. One of the hardest posts I’ve ever shared. Ironic, because this is one of the best years – of photography and in life – that I’ve probably ever had. I won’t dive too much into that, because I have enough content for a book on that subject … So let’s try to redirect this back to wedding photography.

2017 was a fantastic year for weddings for my business. So good in fact, that 2018 is already looking like it’s going to be even BETTER! This is exactly what you want to experience when you’re a growing business. Every year should be better than the last.

This wedding season, I focused on doing more. More details. More moments. More laughter. More love. More everything. I focused on documenting real memories. Going above and beyond and doing things that are sometimes a little bit out there. By breaking the mold and being different. In a world where there are hundreds of thousands of wedding photographers, in a local community where I am just one of hundreds of wedding photographers, I’m starting to finally figure out how to stand apart. And I really like where I’m at. And I really love where I’m going.

Thanks for a fantastic year, friends! There’s one more post this week covering Best of: 2017. Thanks for being here 🙂

All photos are © Steph Parker Photo.