Behind the Scenes in 2017 | Fun Friday

BTS with Steph Parker Photo

It’s one of the most fun blog posts of the year – of 2017, that is! Finding BTS or behind the scenes photos while culling weddings are some of best surprises as a photographer! And now that I’m looking through all of these photos again, I can’t help but experience a whirlwind of thoughts that I can’t think of any better way to share than by listing them out for you … in order.

  1. “Damn, I look good!”
  2. “Oh, God! I’m never wearing those pants again!”
  3. “Ooh, this shot is good! And look at that messy bun – #longhairgoals.”
  4. “Take 5 – gotta get dessert.”
  5. “I really need to make it a priority to get a shot with EVERY couple at their wedding day!”
  6. “There’s donuts?! They’re serving donuts?! YAS!”
  7. “Uh, I think I wore this shirt at more than half of the weddings I shot this year – oops …” And “Oh my God, that frizzy hair looks so bad!”
  8. “THIS – this is my favorite photo! That tattoo – damn! And that top knot! And oh man, that Hold Fast harness was the best investment ever!”

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