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2018 Shoot & Share Contest Results

It seems like a lifetime ago that I went all in and entered 50 images in the Shoot & Share Contest. A lifetime ago meaning January. The first January, not the second or third or fourth. (Ohio joke referencing the weather we’ve been experiencing this year!)

The Shoot & Share Contest has been around for many years and even though I’ve voted in almost every year’s contest, this was the first year I remembered to enter! It’s an international contest ran by an amazing group of photographers and this year there were literally over 100,000 people who entered almost 400,000 images! I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I did pretty well, especially since this was my first year entering the contest.

I’m going to give a hopefully brief synopsis of how the contest works:

  • Photographers enter up to 50 images into the contest (images don’t necessarily have to be from a certain calendar year, they just can’t be repeat entries from previous years).
  • After photos are submitted, CHAOS, otherwise known as voting, begins! Just to give you an idea of timing, voting lasted for most of February. To make it interesting, after so many days, a percentage of photos are moved into the next round. There are a total of 12 rounds. If a photo made it into the 12th round, it was considered a Finalist image.
  • For the most part, how photos place in the contest is pretty straightforward. Most photos typically in the 11th or so rounds usually place in the Top 10%, 20%, and 30% in their respective categories. Photos in the 12th round are considered Finalists. Images placing in the Top 100 are also awarded. And then finally, the best of the best images (places 1 through 20) are awarded.

To end your anticipation on how my photos placed …

I’m excited to announce my best placing image was in the Top 10%!

This photo of Chelsea, maid of honor, slipping on Nicole’s garter. Nicole is a 2017 #stephparkerbride and Chelsea will be a #stephparkerbride in October 2018! This photo placed in the Top 10% in the Wedding Party category. There were just over 9,000 images entered into this category.

Shoot & Share Contest Results: Top 10%

The next five images placed in the Top 30%!

I have to admit, a couple of these images I viewed as “wild cards.” Just goes to show that people are completely unpredictable and to just enjoy the ride wherever it takes you!

This image of Maddie, a local make-up artist, is one of my favorites! It placed in the Top 30% in the Styled Wedding category. There were just under 7,000 images in this category.

Shoot & Share Contest Results: Top 30%


This engagement ring belongs to one of my 2018 June brides, Beth. This photo of her ring placed in the Top 30% in the Details category. Over 16,500 images were entered in this category!

Shoot & Share Contest Results: Top 30%


This photo has a lot of personal meaning to me. In this image, my uncle is dancing with my cousin at her wedding. A few years ago, we lost Kyli’s mom to a very unfortunate event. My uncle and Kyli danced to a very emotional song at the wedding and while the men in my family are very stoic, it was incredibly meaningful to see how moved he was in this moment.

This image of Kyli and my uncle placed in the Top 30% in the Emotion & Excitement category. Just under 9,000 images were entered in this category.

Shoot & Share Contest Results: Top 30%


The last two placers … and both are some of my favorite images from 2018 – and I know you’ve seen them many times! One’s even on my homepage! Andrew & Nicole had such a beautiful wedding and the voters during the contest definitely seemed to agree.

Both images below placed in the Top 30% in the Wedding Couple category. In this year’s contest, there were just under 38,000 images entered in this category and I placed TWO images in the Top 30%!

Shoot & Share Contest Results: Top 30%

Shoot & Share Contest Results: Top 30%


I’m incredibly thankful for the results of this year’s contest and I’m equally thankful for the opportunity to have a contest like this exist at all! I know that 2018 is going to be an incredible year of weddings and engagements and portrait sessions! Thanks for sharing in this experience with me! Have a good weekend 🙂

To learn more about the Shoot & Share Contest, click here.

All photos are © Steph Parker Photo.